It is very important that you tell us about any changes in your circumstances within one month of the change. If you don't you may lose money you are entitled to, or you may get too much benefit which you may have to pay back.

If you currently have a claim for either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, you can:

Report a change to us by filling in a form online

Changes you must tell us about;

  • you or anyone living with you gets a job (no matter how many hours they work), changes their job or leaves their job
  • you or anyone living with you receives any pension
  • any of your children leave school or leave home
  • anyone moves into or out of your home (including lodgers and sub-tenants)
  • your income (including benefits) or the income of anyone living with you changes
  • your capital, savings or investments change
  • you or anyone living with you becomes a student, goes on a training scheme, or goes into hospital, nursing home or prison
  • your rent changes, your landlord changes or moves
  • you move
  • you or your partner are going to be away from home for more than a month
  • anyone in your household dies
  • you receive any decision from the Home Office
  • or anything you have already told us about changes

To notify us of your change in circumstances, complete a form online or contact us.

You must tell us about any changes. Do not rely on someone else to pass the message on.

It is an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstance that affects your benefit. We may take court action against you and if we pay you too much benefit, you may have to pay it back.

What happens next?

If we need more information we will contact you. Once you have provided us with everything we need, we will update your claim and notify you of your new award. 

The changes listed are only a few examples of what you should tell us about. If you are not sure whether something should be reported, please contact us for advice.

Contact Us 

To contact us about benefits, please visit our benefits contact page.

Page last updated: 
1 October 2018
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