Food complaints

Food complaints

Discovering a foreign object in food or other problems with food can be a very unpleasant experience, however, not all pose a serious health risk and there are a few simple steps that consumers can take to resolve the problem themselves. The Guidance (pdf 190 kb) provides examples of some common food complaints, together with a short explanation on how they occur and suggestions on the best course of action to provide a resolution to the problem.

The information provided in this guidance is intended as a self-help guide for consumers and local businesses to help consumers resolve common issues that can occur in food products. The aim of the guidance is to enable our Food Safety officers to prioritise all those issues which require the application of their professional skills and which they have to deal with.

If you are unable to resolve the problem that you have by reading the guidance and following the steps suggested, please contact us via Email: Phone: (0191) 2116102. You can contact us about food you have purchased in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. When making a complaint please make sure you have the food in question (and the foreign object), details of where and when it was purchased and how it was stored.

In terms of a contractual complaint related to the food product that you have purchased and that you may wish to pursue you can seek assistance from the Citizens Advice Consumer service on 03454 040506.    

You can also contact us about hygiene standards in a food premises within Newcastle upon Tyne. All complaints about hygiene standards in premises are evaluated for potential public health risk and an appropriate response taken. We will only deal with complaints where there is a potential public health risk. We are unable to deal with complaints, unless we are provided with contact details, such as a valid email address, telephone number or full postal address.

If you think you are suffering from food poisoning you should consult your GP, who will arrange for you to submit a stool sample for analysis.

Whilst you are symptomatic, you may be excreting live bacteria which could infect other people, be particularly careful with hand-washing at this time.

If your job involves handling food, or working with vulnerable people, you should inform your employer. It is recommended that you continue to avoid handling food for 48 hours after your symptoms have stopped.

If you become ill after attending an event, where a number of other people have become ill with similar symptoms, please contact us immediately.


Food Safety service, Directorate of Operations & Regulatory Services, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. Phone (0191) 2116102. Email: 



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