Pavement Cafes are areas of the public highway on which tables and chairs may be placed and where food and/or drink is consumed.

Before agreeing to place a Pavement Cafe on the public highway, the Council has to ensure that the public's right to use the highway are not detrimentally affected. It is important to ensure that Pavement Cafes are located, designed and managed in a way that protects the rights and users, particularly pedestrians. The Council's policies, standards and byelaws also need to be complied with for health, safety and environmental reasons.

There two main types of permission which have to be obtained from the City Council:

  • Highway Permission under the S.115E of the Highways Act 1980 for permission to place the tables and chairs on the highway under the terms of the Highways Act 1980. You should be aware that Newcastle City Council cannot grant permission unless it obtains the consent of interested frontagers.
  • Planning permission for the change of the use of the highway to a Pavement Cafe, (This applies even if you already operate food premises adjacent to the site of the proposed cafe)

If you wish to serve alcohol at the Pavement Cafe you will need a premises licence from the City Council as Licensing Authority. If you operate existing adjacent premises for which you hold a premises licence you will need to make an application to vary the licence to cover pavement cafe.

How to apply

Other ways to apply

Download the relevant form and post to the address at the bottom of the page.

Pavement Cafe New Application form (PDF 37.03kb)

Pavement Cafe Renewal Application Form (PDF 37kb)

Further information

Pavement Cafe Guide (451.83kb)

Current Licence Fees

Will Tacit Consent apply ?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard by the end of the target completion period which is 56 days (subject to receipt of any representations) from the date of submission of all correct and relevant information.


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29 December 2017
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