A Premises Licence, issued under the Gambling Act 2005, is required for any premises where an individual or company proposes to offer premises based gambling and are issued in respect of specific premises.

The types of Licence available are as follows:

  • Casino Premises Licence
    The Gambling Act 2005 restricts new casino licences to one regional casino, eight large casinos and eight small casinos with England and Wales. None of these are in Newcastle upon Tyne and therefore no applications for new casino licences will be permitted in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Bingo Premises Licence
  • Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence
    They may offer a number of category B3 or B4 gaming machines and an unlimited number of category C and D gaming machines. They will be strictly for over 18's and children will not be allowed in any part of the premises.
  • Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licence
    They may offer an unlimited number of category C and D gaming machines.  Children are allowed to enter licensed FEC's and to gamble on category D machines.  Any category C machines must be located only in over 18 areas.
  • Betting Premises Licence
    Enabling the provision of facilities for betting, by making or accepting bets or by acting as a betting intermediary. A betting premises licence (in respect of a premises other than a track) may authorise a max of 4 category B2 to D gaming machines to be available on the premises.

Premises licence holders are required to abide by the relevant mandatory and default licence conditions and Codes of Practise issued by the Gambling Commission.

Categories of gaming machines (pdf 28.2 kb)

Applications for a premises licence, permit or other authorisation should be made to the following address:

The Licensing Authority
Public Safety and Regulation
Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

An application for a Premises Licence may only be made by persons (which includes companies or partnerships):

  • who have the right to occupy the premises; and
  • who have an Operating Licence which allows him/her to carry out the proposed activity, or have applied for an Operating Licence (the Premises Licence may only be issued once the Operating Licence has been issued.

An applicant for a Premises Licence must be over the age of 18.

Except in the case of a track, a Premises Licence may not authorise the use of premises for activities of more than one of the types listed above. A Licence may not be issued in respect of premises if those premises already have a Premises Licence in effect.

Responsible Authorities are prescribed by the Gambling Act 2005 to comment on gambling premises licence applications and provisional statements.  Premises licence applicants must notify the responsible authorities of their premises licence applications, as per the Gambling Act 2005 Section 160 and regulations SI 2006 / 459.

Premises Licence Application Notice:

Notice of application for Premises Licence to be given to Responsible Authorities - Single Applicant

Notice of application for Premises Licence to be given to Responsible Authorities - Multiple Applicants

Responsible authorities must be notified within a period of 7 days beginning on the date on which the application is made.

Notification/Advertising of the Application (pdf 17.76 kb)

The Act and Regulations made under the Act require that in the case of an application under section 159 for a premises licence or under section 204 for a provisional statement, or under section 187 to vary a premises licence, the applicant must publish notice of his application.

Premises Licence - Press Notice to be published (pdf 18.18 kb)

Provisional Statement - Press Notice to be published (pdf18.28 kb)

Premises Licence Variation - Press Notice to be published (pdf18.32 kb)

Objections to Gambling Premises Applications

Should a responsible authority or interested party wish to object or comment upon a gambling premises application, they are entitled to make representation.  This will require a written statement outlining opinion and actions believed to be appropriate.

Representations must be made within 28 days beginning on the date on which the application was made to the licensing authority.

 Premises Licence Application Forms


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25 June 2015
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