Temporary Use Notices allow the use of premises for gambling where there is no Premises Licence but where an operator wishes to use the premises temporarily for providing facilities for gambling.
A Temporary Use Notice (TUN) may only be granted to a person or company holding a relevant Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission. They can only be used to permit the provision of facilities for equal chance gaming, where the gaming is intended to produce a single winner eg. poker tournaments.

A temporary use notice must be given at least 3 months before the first day specified in the notice for the use of the premises.  In addition, a copy of the notice must be served upon the Gambling Commission, Cheif Officer of Police and Customs and Excise.

The same set of premises may not be the subject of a TUN for more than 21 days in any 12-month period. However, a set of premises may be the subject of more than one temporary use notice provided that the total does not exceed 21 days.
Should this period be exceeded we will issue a counter-notice that has the effect of stopping the TUN coming into effect; failure to comply with the counter-notice will be an offence.

The application form can be downloaded via this link. 

A fee is applicable.


Page last updated: 
5 November 2014
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