The Council's Commissioning and Procurement Team is responsible for the whole commissioning cycle, from co-design and market engagement, right through to coordinating procurement activity and monitoring, ensuring compliance with the procurement rules, as well as national and European law. The team is responsible for the commissioning and procurement of all externally purchased goods, works and services over £25,000.

Each year, the Council spends approximately £682 million. £339 million of this is third party spend relating to goods, services and works (as defined by CIPFA), and £36.5 million of this is currently procured collaboratively through the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO).

Through its joint Commissioning and Procurement team, which works across all areas of external investment, the Council takes a holistic approach to commissioning design and the embedding of Social Value from the very start of the process, while also ensuring that the lessons learned through this intelligence-led commissioning are used to shape the procurement and contract management of the contract - securing the best possible value (including Social Value) for every £1 that the Council spends.