Developing Your Digital Presence - 'Be innovative' Masterclass

Time: 22/08/2019
Developing Your Digital Presence - 'Be innovative' Masterclass
Developing your Digital Presence: With so many businesses online, it can be a struggle to be heard. It might feel like you're just shouting into a void! Some simple tweaks to how you present yourself online could make all the difference. Briony McStea will show you how to find the right social networks for you, how to create engaging content for all platforms and how to build your tribe.
Your business can reach amazing new heights with a strong digital presence behind it. By utilising the many (free!) tools at your disposal, you'll be able to advertise directly to your ideal customer as often as you please. Briony has worked with a variety of clients to help them boost their digital presence from blank social media pages to an online community filled with devoted customers and in this workshop, You'll learn how to do the same. She'll help you create fun, engaging content that connects you with your ideal customer and builds their trust in you and your brand.
To attend this event you must be an SME (Small or Medium Sized Enterprise), trading in the north-east and looking to take an innovative approach to growing your business. The event is delivered by Business & IP Centre Newcastle, as part of the 'Pathways to Innovation' project, fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund.