The Glass Room Experience

Time: 10/10/2019
The Glass Room Experience
Websites, phone apps, social media and 'smart' devices all thrive on the same thing – data. Not just any data, but our data.
The Glass Room Experience helps you see through how your personal data is used online, what technologies like the Internet of Things and facial recognition are, and how to take control of your own data privacy.
Explore this exhibition at Outer West Library for Libraries Week and ask our Data Detox Baristas all your questions about data and privacy.
Here are some of the topics they will be happy to discuss:
What does your phone know about you?
Do you share more with Google than with your BFF?
What is encryption and how does it protect me?
The exhibition will be open at the same times as Outer West Library:
Thursday 10 October 10:00-18:00;
Friday 11 October 10:00-17:00;
Saturday 12 October 10:00-14:00.
There is no need to book a place; it's a drop-in.
The Glass Room Experience was designed by Tactical Tech.