An Introduction to E-Mail Marketing - 'Be-Innovative' Masterclass

Time: 17/07/2019
Business centre
An introduction to E-Mail Marketing: Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep in touch with existing customers as well as target new customers. Are you using email marketing to deliver real results?  In this Masterclass, Andy Ditchburn from Perro will demonstrate how the power of email marketing can help you to achieve different marketing objectives, including increasing website traffic, selling product online and communicating with a broader audience.  He’ll share strategy and tips on how to get started with an email marketing provider, grow your mailing list, create and send compelling campaigns that your audience will want to engage with and demonstrate how to monitor and measure the metrics.  This Masterclass is perfect or email marketing novices and those who have started to experiment with email marketing.   All attendees will leave with a great understanding of how to maximise email marketing.    To attend this event you must be an SME (Small or Medium Sized Enterprise), trading in the north-east and looking to take an innovative approach to growing your business. The event is delivered by Business & IP Centre (Newcastle), as part of the 'Pathways to Innovation' project, fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund.