Visual Marketing Principles

Time: 12/09/2019
Business centre
Delivered by Ann English, Founder of Create Intrigue and The Visual Marketing Academy™ (  Harnessing The Power of Visual Marketing In this Masterclass, Ann will show you how to apply her Visual Marketing Academy™ principles to help attract potential customers and increase sales. All businesses can benefit from learning how to achieve The Five Star Standard™ whenever your brand, products and services are displayed, both in the real world and digitally online You will discover why three is a magic number when creating a composition in design, display, art, photography, writing and storytelling. Attendees will find out about The Secret Sense Strategy™ and why The Power of Visual Marketing™ can become your cost-effective silent salesperson. To attend this event you must be an SME (Small or Medium Sized Enterprise), trading in the north-east and looking to take an innovative approach to growing your business. The event is delivered by Business & IP Centre (Newcastle), as part of the 'Pathways to Innovation' project, fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund.