Hall of Remembrance

Hall of Remembrance at West Road Crematorium The Hall of Remembrance is located behind the West Chapel at the West Road Crematorium. It houses the Books of Remembrance and the Leather Memorial Panels.

There is also an indoor Columbaria room upstairs where space for caskets can be leased.

Floral tributes are not allowed in the Hall of Remembrance because they cause moisture in the atmosphere, which is liable to affect the pages of the Book of Remembrance.

Download crematorium memorial fees (pdf, 61.5kb).

Book of Remembrance 

The Book of Remembrance comprises of several volumes and is hand-made throughout. It is bound in natural vellum, tooled in gold leaf, and contains inscriptions lettered by highly skilled craftsmen. Inscriptions can incorporate motifs, service or association badges, or family crests, in full colour.Book of remembrance emblem

The entries are recorded in perpetuity and are displayed annually on the anniversary of the death, or any other commemorative date, specified by the applicant. Also located in the Hall of Remembrance is the visual display unit which allows any entry that has been inscribed in one of the books, to be viewed on any day of the year.

If you wish to arrange an entry in the Book of Remembrance please complete the application form below. The table indicates the date your application needs to reach our office in order for your entry to be inscribed for the anniversary.Book of Remembrance

Remembrance date Submit entry no later than
January to March 31st October
April to June 31st January
July to September 30th April
October to December 31st July

Book of Remembrance Application Form (pdf, 93kb).

Unfortunately we are unable to show the Book of Remembrance online. We are hoping to provide this service in the future.

Memorial card and minature book of remembrance It is possible to have a copy of the inscription as it appears in the book, either in a remembrance card or miniature book. These are particularly helpful to those who are unable to visit the Hall of Remembrance.

Miniature Book/Memorial Card Application Form (pdf, 96kb).

Please note that there are four sets of Books of Remembrance, each set covering a quarter of the year; January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December. The Books go on display on the first day of the appropriate quarter. If you wish to arrange an entry in the Book of Remembrance, please see the table above. This indicates the date your application needs to reach our office in order for your entry to be inscribed for the anniversary.

Memorial Panels

Leather Memorial Panel These are black leather panels with gold leaf lettering mounted in wooden frames on the walls of the Hall of Remembrance. They can be single leather panels or double leather panels.

A panel may be leased for an initial period of five years with an option to renew for a further limited period. Inscription on the panel consist of the name, with up to two additional lines of text.

Leather Memorial Panel Application Form (pdf, 78kb).

Double Leather Panel Application Form (pdf, 61kb).

Download crematorium memorial fees (pdf, 58kb).

Bronze memorial plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are affixed to the memorial pillars in the Loggia Archway. Each plaque has a dark background with raised gold effect lettering and edging. A plaque will accommodate up to four lines of text, with a maximum of 80 characters permitted overall. The name will take up one full line.

The Bronze Memorial Plaques are available on a five year lease period, with an option to renew.

Bronze Memorial Plaque Application Form (pdf, 84kb).

Download crematorium memorial fees (pdf, 58kb).

It is not possible to lay flowers or leave floral tributes adjacent to the pillars in the Loggia Archway. Vases are provided for this purpose in the Garden of Remembrance.

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6 February 2019
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