The DARE (Domestic Abuse, Recovery and Education) ProgrammeDARE is for children and young people who have experienced domestic violence.

This is a recovery programme which seeks to give children an opportunity, in a safe and therapeutic way, to move beyond the violence and abuse that has happened in their family.

How do the groups work?

Groups are held in a community based setting where families can share and talk about their experiences.

Mothers also attend a group which runs at the same time as the children's group.  The mother's group helps them understand how the violence has impacted on their child and how best to help them through the healing process.

Each programme runs over a 12 week period for children aged 5 - 16 years. Children are divided into age-specific groups.

This means giving children an opportunity to process and understand the violence and abuse they have experienced.

Core principles of the programme include:

  • Supporting mothers as they understand how best to help their child/ children
  • Giving children an opportunity to talk about what has happened
  • Helping children to understand that it is not their fault
  • Teaching children how to develop a safety plan and give them an opportunity to practice it.

What mothers said about this programme

"I got a calmer child"

"I am more confident"

"talking to other mothers in the same situations"

"it made me realise how much they remember and how much hurt"

"I got understanding from the group"

"the group helped me to come to terms with what happened"

Where can I find more information about the DARE programme? 

Contact for Newcastle DARE programme

Phone: 0191 277 7881

Page last updated: 
22 January 2015
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