If you applied for a place for your child to start Reception or Transfer to middle, secondary or high school in September 2018 and your child is currently on a waiting list, your application is treated as an in year application from 1 September and any offer will be made by the school directly. Any changes to your application need to be submitted using the Changing school application form.

Read before you apply

New to the city

All applications for school places must be made to Newcastle City Council. Please be aware that new application forms received during the Summer holidays will not be processed until September. This is because the schools are closed and it is the Governing Body of each school that decides how places are allocated. Newcastle City Council will prepare all the applications for schools during this period but you will not hear the outcome of your application until the schools return in September. It is likely to be the second or third week of term before the school contacts you.

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Download application form (pdf)

Changing school

Changing your child’s school can affect them in many ways and the decision should not be taken without careful thought. The local authority firmly believes that continuity and stability in a child’s education is very important and that a change of school should only be made if it is felt to be in your child’s best interests. Many things that worry parents and children can be sorted out without the need to move school.

Often changing school will not resolve your concerns and it can adversely affect your child’s education. There are many difficulties that can arise within a school. Your child may be feeling unhappy or is not getting on with friends or teachers at that moment. Maybe your child is struggling with their work or has been in trouble and you feel that it cannot be sorted out. All of the above issues can happen to any pupil at any stage in their school life and can often be resolved without changing your child’s school.

Please note that if your child currently attends a Newcastle school and you are looking to move to another Newcastle school during the holiday period, we cannot progress your application unless you have already had the school section of the form completed. We will return the form to you if incomplete.

Download application form (pdf)


Helpful Information

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Latest school vacancies

In this section we publish the Latest school vacancies which the School Admissions team are aware of. This information is a guide only, it is possible that any vacancy listed may have been offered out before your application is received. These figures are not a guarantee that a place would be available in the school for your child.

Fair Access Protocol for children without a school place

We are required by law to operate a Fair Access Protocol to ensure that potentially vulnerable children can quickly access school places and that all schools admit a fair share of these pupils who for a variety of reasons need more support.

Some of the questions on the application form are included to help identify more vulnerable children to try to ensure appropriate support can be put in place for them at their new school. If we decide that your child should be considered under the protocol, the Fair Access Officer will contact you.


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24 April 2019
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