Applying for post-16 study for SeptemberAll Newcastle secondary schools and academies provide courses of study for post 16 students.  

Your child can stay at their current school after year 11 if they meet the entry requirements for sixth form.  Alternatively, all Newcastle schools and academies have a number of places available for external students, in other words young people who have not attended the school in year 11. 

One of the best ways to find out what a school or college is really like is to go to an open day or evening. You will get to see the facilities and meet the staff and some of the students. You can get advice from your current school, parents or carers, friends, relatives or your careers adviser at school.

Entry requirements for external students are exactly the same as for students already attending the school and usually depend on the course of study that a student wishes to follow. For information on entry requirements and courses available, contact the individual secondary and high schools.

Further education colleges like Newcastle College can offer similar courses to school sixth forms.

Students can apply to more than one sixth form or college. Many colleges let you apply online through their website, or you can contact them for an application form. Students should start applying for popular or specialist courses in the autumn term of year 11. For other courses, you normally apply in the spring. You may not need to formally apply if you want to stay on at your school's own sixth form. Ask about this at your current school.  Applications for sixth form places should be made directly to each school not the local authority.

If you need help with the cost of post-16 study and are from a low income family you may be entitled to support under the Newcastle Schools Bursary Scheme.


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18 August 2017
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