Bin collection days and opening hours for the Household Waste Recycling Centres will be different over Christmas and New Year, find out what the changes are.

Most people know what they can recycle from their kitchens, but what goes into bathroom bins often gets thrown out with the rubbish. According to recent research* only 52% of people say they regularly recycle items from the bathroom.

You can follow these tips to increase what you recycle from your bathroom:

  • You don't need to take packaging up to the bathroom, take things like toothpaste, soap or make-up out of the box before you put it in the bathroom. Then pop the cardboard box straight in the recycling bin.
  • You can use a bin divider to seperate recyclable items in your bathroom bin if you use one.
  • You can use another container to keep items in, like a second bin, a basket or a box
  • Use reminders like sticky notes inside bin lids or inside bathroom cabinets so you remember to recycle.
  • Check the labels on bottles and tubs. Some shops will take your empty bottles and tubs and re-use them.
  • See if you can buy refills so bottles can be re-used.

Remember you can recycle all these items once they are empty, rinsed and finished with:

Cardboard Toilet roll tubes, soap boxes, toothpaste boxes, make-up boxes, empty tissue boxes, painkiller boxes, tablet boxes**
Plastic Shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel bottles, bathroom cleaner bottles, toilet cleaner bottles, bubble bath bottles, mouthwash bottles
Metal Deodorant cans, shaving foam cans
Paper Medication leaflets, make-up leaflets
Glass - to go in the caddy Cough medicine bottles**, glass make-up bottles, glass bubble bath bottles

Remember we cannot currently recycle pump dispenser tops (like from hand soaps, face washes) or spray bottle tops (like from bathroom cleaner or shower cleaner). Please put these items in your green bin.


*Source: 2015 Recycle Now poll surverying 2000 adults in the UK.

**Remember if you get medicines on perscription you should peel off the pharmacy label which may have your name and address on it and destroy it.



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25 October 2018
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