Our grass cutting and weed maintenance programme in Newcastle is:

  • The majority of grass in residential areas will be cut on eight occasions (once a month) during the grass cutting season. This is typically between March and October, or April to November depending on weather conditions.
  • Formal sports facilities and the bigger parks that more people use (Ouseburn, Leazes, Walker, Exhibition, Tyne Riverside and Elswick) will be cut 12 times per year.
  • Areas of lower use or profile will be maintained as grass meadow and cut twice per year.
  • Large areas of grass outside residential areas will be cut twice a year in June and September or October. Certain areas will be maintained monthly during the summer to allow pedestrian use and emergency access by vehicles.
  • Some sloped areas will not be cut.
  • Strimming along fence lines and around obstacles will be carried out twice a year.
  • Grassed areas which contain naturalising spring bulbs will remain uncut until eight weeks after the end of the flowering period.
  • We do not collect grass clippings and this will not change, but as grass will be longer when it is cut this will be more noticeable. We will work to minimise the impact of any clippings on the pavement.

The council has a commitment to bio-diversity to protect habitats and species in Newcastle. The revised grass cutting arrangements in many parts of the city will help these local habitats. We will also reduce the amount of weed killer used in a number of areas to further support this commitment.


Shrub beds will be given a major maintenance visit in the winter months from November to March; any major pruning and clearance of debris and unwanted vegetation will happen at this time.

During the spring and summer shrub beds will be visited to control growth that is causing a physical obstruction, to control excessive weed growth and remove accumulated debris. They cannot be cut back during nesting season from March to July.

We aim to inspect requests regarding general shrub maintenance and raise any justified work orders within 6 months. If there are reports of a serious hazard blocking walkways or paths, or causing serious visibility problems on roads we will inspect these in 1 working day. Please note we cannot guarantee that any work would be carried out till we inspect the site.

If you need to report an issue regarding a council shrub or hedge, or a private hedge encroaching a highway, please phone us on 0191 2787878 and ask for “Envirocall.”


Footpaths and roadside channels are treated with pesticide between the months of April to September, to eradicate street weeds. If after 20 working days following the application, weeds are still flourishing the area will be retreated within 5 working days. 

Page last updated: 
10 December 2018
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