Adoption - Alex

"As soon as we saw him, we knew he was the little boy for us. Instantly, I could sense a connection." remembers Alex as she describes the moment when she and her husband were first introduced to their son. 

"Although I'd always thought about adopting a child, I never thought it would be really possible.

"We went along to a few Information Evenings held by different Local Authorities and organisations but it was Newcastle City Council's adoption team who we decided to go with as their approach and attitude towards any questions we had put us immediately at ease. 

"The support we received was amazing. We attended a very thorough training course they offered; it became invaluable. We met birth mothers, which was a humbling experience, and we received some fantastic training. We also made some very close friends who we have remained in touch with throughout - it was nice to feel we weren't on our own." 

Recently, the family have also had access to a new Government Adoption Support Fund. The fund is available for those who have adopted, to help pay for therapeutic services, such as attachment-based therapy, therapeutic parenting training and intensive sustained family support. These are the areas most commonly identified as being needed by adoptive families, yet least often provided. 

"Adopting our little boy, really was the best thing ever, we couldn't recommend it enough."

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