Can I Adopt?

Can I adopt?

Adoptive parents provide a secure and loving permanent home for children who can't live with their birth families. When you adopt you become the child's legal parent.

There are lots of reasons why children can't live with their birth families. It could be they've have been neglected or abused. Some children may have a disability or needs that their family just can't cope with. 

We have children of all ages who need adoptive parents. Some are groups of brothers and sisters who need to stay together.

All of them need loving parents who can give them the care they need to adjust to new lives and go on to have a happy and fulfilling future. Adoptive parents share their experiences of adopting through Newcastle City Council adoption service.

  • If you'd like to adopt with us, you'll need to live in the North East of England within 50 miles of Newcastle.
  • You must be at least 21 years old. We don't have an upper age limit but how old you are may determine the age of the child you can adopt.
  • You don't need to own your home or have a job, but your financial situation does need to be stable.
  • You can be single, married or living with a partner.
  • You can be heterosexual, gay or lesbian.
  • You can adopt if you have a disability.
  • You can adopt if you already have children.
  • Having a criminal record won't necessarily stop you from adopting but you must tell us about it, even if the offence is spent.
  • Most of all you need to have commitment, patience and the ability to share your life and home with children who need your support.

Contact us

Our pledge to prospective adopters is to send out an information pack within 5 working days of your enquiry. We'll also invite you to an information evening within two months of your initial enquiry and arrange a follow-up interview once we've received your completed enquiry form.

Phone: 0191 211 6777