Keep it Clean Newcastle

Keep it Clean Newcastle


Keep it Clean Newcastle

We are very proud of our city and we know that the majority of our residents are too. But this year (2015-16) we will spend approximately £4.2 million this year clearing up the streets of Newcastle, and can't afford to do this anymore.

The council doesn't drop litter, fly-tip and the dogs that foul the pavements don't belong to us. The irresponsible people who do this cost the council and council tax payers huge amounts of money and are also making our city untidy.

We know you are getting sick of this too because of the numbers of reports we get about dog-fouling, litter and flytipping across the city.  And we agree with you. Something has to be done to stop the minority of people whose behaviour and actions are blighting some of our neighbourhoods and making them unpleasant places to live. 

We want to work with you to stop people dumping on their own doorstep so have launched a new campaign asking local people to 'Keep it Clean Newcastle'.

We want to remind people to do their bit to look after Newcastle and not to drop litter, dump rubbish or let their dogs foul and not clean up afterwards. And we want to encourage people not to accept this as normal behaviour either, because no one wants to live in a waste tip.

But this is only part of the work we are doing to make Newcastle cleaner and greener.

Most people who live in Newcastle don't litter, fly-tip or allow dog-fouling and don't see it as acceptable behaviour. We know most residents are proud of their neighbourhoods and their city and are doing lots of great things to keep Newcastle clean, because most of us agree, only lazy people drop litter.

So we want to celebrate this good work and support people who want to play their part.

We have recently launched Keep it Clean's Community Clean-Up, with schools and groups taking part in events in their local area. This community activity is a way of bringing people together to have a greater impact and help keep our city clean. There are lots of activities planned across the city over the spring and summer, with nearly 50 community groups and organisations already involved. It is hoped more people will come on board in the coming months.

Let us know what you have done or will be doing over the next few months to keep you neighbourhood clean by emailing
 You can also email us if you need any advice how to organise your own event or visit the how to get involved page

You can report litter, fly-tipping or dog fouling to Your Local Services online or by phoning 0191 278 7878 

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