Are you a Young Carer?

A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 who provides or intends to provide unpaid care and support to another person. This is usually to another member of their family, often a parent or a sibling. 

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Are you a Young Adult Carer?

A young adult carer is aged between 18 -25 and may have very similar issues to a young carer 

Young carers may be looking after someone because of mental ill health, drug or alcohol problems, long term illness, life limiting illness, disability or learning disability.

Most young carers/young adult carers look after another family member who would struggle to cope without their support. This may lead to them taking on inappropriate or excessive caring roles including emotional support, personal care, practical support, household chores, acting as an interpreter for a family member whose first language is not English or who has communication difficulties.

Young Carers Assessment

Young carers have the right to a young carer’s assessment to see what help and support they and their family need, to choose the amount of care they receive, to be protected from excessive or inappropriate caring that impacts on their health and wellbeing, and to information and advice.

A young carer’s assessment takes into consideration the amount of caring the young carer is carrying out and what needs to change to support the young carer to have the same opportunities as other young people of their age. 

Local Support

Newcastle Young Carers (NYC) is a team based in Barnardos working across the city to provide support to children and young people who look after someone.

They provide a flexible, responsive and culturally sensitive service for young carers, young adult carers and their families.

All enquiries are welcomed from young people, their families, professionals and practitioners. 

Requests for support can be made directly to them by the young person if they are over 16 or with the consent of the young person and the family if they are under 16.

Tel: 0191 271 4615


Newcastle Carers

135-139 Shields Road,


Newcastle upon Tyne,



Tel: 0191 275 5060

Fax: 0191 265 1191

SMS: 07874 100043

Young Adult Carers are able to access all of the support that Newcastle Carers has to offer, and you will find lots of useful information on the website. However, young adult carers have told us that they often face additional challenges because of their age and circumstances, so we have a specialist Young Adult Carer Worker  who provides a tailor made service to meet the needs of carers in this age group.

Newcastle Families Information Service is a free service for all families, which provides impartial information, advice and assistance, including support for young carers.

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1 December 2017
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