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One of our most recent fiction titles is The Jacobite's Daughter by Lorna Windham:

the jacobites daughter

1745. Highland lass Morag McColl is deeply in love with Euan Stewart, the Laird’s son. When Euan and his brothers leave to join the Jacobite Rising, Morag runs away with the baggage train in order to be near him. While Euan fights for the Cause on bloody battlefields, Morag is drawn into a world of secrets and spies, intrigue and injustice.
On the run from the brutal redcoats, Morag is also in constant danger from those from both sides of the conflict who want to use her for their own ends. Will this brave lass ever find happiness with her true love?

Full of passionate, intrigue and rip-roaring adventure, the novel is set in the years of the Jacobite rebellion 1745-46.
The heroines are four strong women: Morag McColl, Lady Anne of Kerbilly, Kirsty Lorne and Alais. Their feisty relationships with four Stewart brothers: Euan, Rob, Johnnie and Duncan are explored.
The novels are set in the beautiful West Highlands of Scotland near Loch Linnhe, a hotbed for Jacobitism (followers of James II) in the early 18th century.
Each book (this is the first in the Code of Honour trilogy) focuses on the romantic relationship between one woman and a brother, though Duncan is only a young boy. The author, Lorna Windham visited the Highlands where the book is set, researched the facts over several years and wove fiction round them, deciding to write about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. 

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20 January 2017
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