Deputy leader of the council

Deputy leader of the council

Councillor Karen Kilgour

Cllr Karen Kilgour is a former local government officer, with experience of campaigning for equalities.

Further information can be found on Cllr Kilgour's ward member page.

Deputy leader's responsibilities

As deputy leader Karen works closely with the leader on political governance across the council.

She looks after the council’s resources and ensures they are used wisely and in line with the direction set by Cabinet through the budget.

She is also responsible for ensuring that the council has a performance regime which is driving change and improvement.

Specific responsibilities of the deputy leader include:

  • Political Governance and organisational accountability
    - Council, Cabinet and Committee forward planning
    - Democratic and Members’ Services and support
    - Newcastle Charter
    - Corporate Plan
    - Forward Plan
    - Risk management

  • Financial Governance
    - Budget framework and financial planning
    - Commissioning and Procurement
    - Delivering on social value and environmental justice commitments
  • Performance and Risk management
    - Performance reporting
    - Audit functions
    - Insurance
    - Value for money

Cabinet member for health and adult social care

Karen is responsible for health and adult social care within the city, supporting some of the most vulnerable residents to live as
independently as they can.

She also leads on health and social care integration.

This role includes leading on:

  • Adult social care
    - 18+ adults with long term social care needs
    - In house and commissioned care services
    - Learning disabilities, autism and mental health
    - Prevention
    - Specialist Services
    - Business continuity and risk
    - Social Care Finance
    - Safeguarding
    - Dementia Friendly City
  • Health and Social Care integration
    - Collaborative Newcastle
    - Adult Social Care financial viability
    - Joint funding with Health (Better Care Fund)
    - Intermediate Care
    - ICS
  • Housing with specialised support (in collaboration with other Cabinet members)

Armed Forces Champion

Karen is also the council’s Armed Forces Champion.




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