Deputy leader of the council; Cabinet member for a Healthy, Caring City

Deputy leader of the council; Cabinet member for a Healthy, Caring City

Councillor Karen Kilgour

Karen supports and deputises for the Leader where needed. She works with the Leader to provide political and strategic leadership across all areas of Council delivery.

Karen ensures that the political governance and accountability of the Council are clear and effective, overseeing key planning and risk management processes.

As Cabinet member for a Healthy, Caring City, Karen is responsible for ensuring safe, effective adult social care and public health services. Her strategic focus is to reduce health inequalities so that residents enjoy longer, healthier lives and are able to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Deputy leader's responsibilities

•    Political governance and organisational accountability:
˗    Council, Cabinet and Committee forward planning
˗    Democratic and Members’ Services 
˗    Elections and Electoral registration 
˗    Legal services and The Newcastle Charter
˗    Corporate Plan
˗    Risk Management 
˗    Information Governance

•    Political leadership in communications and corporate affairs

•    Oversight of the Council’s move to being a Real Living Wage Employer


Healthy, Caring City cabinet member responsibilities

•    Adult Social Care:
˗    Adults with long term social care needs
˗    In house and commissioned care services
˗    Learning disabilities, autism and mental health
˗    Prevention
˗    Specialist services
˗    Business continuity and risk
˗    Social care finance
˗    Safeguarding
˗    Dementia Friendly City
˗    Support to unpaid carers to improve their health, wellbeing & quality
of life

•    Health and Social Care integration:
˗    Collaborative Newcastle
˗    Adult Social Care financial viability
˗    Joint funding with Health (Better Care Fund)
˗    Intermediate Care
˗    Integrated Care System (ICS)

•    Housing with specialised support

•    Political leadership in relation to legislation and guidance

•    Public Health:
˗    Delivery of the statutory public health outcomes framework
˗    Preventative health
˗    Embedded public health across Council activity
˗    Promotion of health neighbourhoods
˗    Covid-related public health infrastructure and community support



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