Off Street (Parking Places Order)

We are currently consulting on replacing our Off Street (Parking Places) Order following a review of Parking Services and the car parking operation. As part of this decision there are no proposals to vary the existing pay and display charges.

With tighter lockdown restrictions coming into place on 5 November, we are providing this information online as part of our statutory consultation to enable everyone to have their say.

The Off Street (Parking Places) Order (“the Order”) provides the basis for car parking charges, permits and conditions of use within Council operated car parks.

This typically includes:

  • the hourly tariffs for each car park and the charge period.
  • permit arrangements and charges for annual permits (known as Citypark Permits).
  • protecting certain bays for specific users such as blue badge holders, electric vehicle recharging bays and car club bays.
  • Formalising parking spaces to help maintain road safety (restrictions on height, weight, length, width and ensuring vehicles park correctly within the designated parking bays.

The Order also provides the mechanism for enforcement of the car parking regulations to help regulate parking.

General changes to our car parks

The most significant changes the proposed 2020 Order would make from the 2009 Order are as follows:

  • The removal of the concessionary free parking for blue badge holders in Council operated car parks.
  • The rebranding of annual Citypark permits and the removal of all discounts for bulk orders.
  • The removal of Sunday permits.
  • The update of permit holder only car parks and formalising eligibility.
  • The removal of car parks lost to development and introduction of new car parks.

Specific changes to existing car parks         


Car park Change Comment
Blandford Square East Removal of weekend motorcycle bays Reduced demand for motorcycle parking in the Westgate Road area
Melbourne Court West

Introduction of Parking Charges £0.50p (Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm)
Gold permits £500pa
Emerald Permits £700pa
Diamond Permits £800pa

To balance demand for redevelopment in the area. Existing resident permit holder parking will be retained
Pottery lane Car Park £0.50p per hour (Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm), £3 Sunday 8am-6pm To support redevelopment in the local area

Eldon Garden MSCP

Shopmobility Permit

Shopmobility Members -New charge - £100 per annum

Argyle Street Removal of maximum stay Help balance demand
Argyle Street, Castle Farm, Coach Lane, East End Pool and Library, Gosforth CSC Library and pool, Hancock Street, Kingston Park, St Nicholas Avenue, Stoddart House, Salters Road, Ord Street Introduce PayByPhone

To provide consistency across all car parks

Provide alternative payment methods to customers, with the benefit of extending sessions remotely

How to have your say

If you wish to object to, or make other representations about, the proposed Order or any of its provisions you should send your objection or representation by 23 November 2020, quoting reference GH/P50/1101, to Newcastle Parking Services, P.O. Box 2BL, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 2BL, or e-mail

Any objection or representation MUST be made in writing and where an objection is made, it must state the grounds of the objection.

Further information is available to view below.

If you require any of the above documents in an accessible format or if you would like a copy of a map of any individual car park these can be requested by emailing

We are consulting on changes to 59 sites across the city. You can find site information for each individual car park in the following areas:

Did you know?

You can view the full order which appeared in the press here.

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