There are a number of ways of getting involved in helping to improve things for cyclists in Newcastle.  As well as the Newcastle Cycling Forum there are a number of organisations you can join to meet other cyclists, take part in discussions or take up issues.  Visit the useful contacts page.


To request a copy of the regular cycling e-newsletter please email


Other consultations 

There are always other improvements going on across the city that might affect you where you live or work.  You can check up on what is happening and make comments through the Traffic Consultation Portal.

The Transportation Developments service is responsible for transportation and highways development issues, transport planning and policy development. Find out more on out travel planning.

You can also check on planning applications and make comments at the Planning Portal.

Your local councillors

You can also contact your local councillors to discuss issues that affect your neighbourhood.  Many councillors are cyclists themselves but they will all want to hear your point of view. 

Other councils

If you have a problem on a cycle route in a neighbouring council area, you will need to contact them directly. Find them in the Useful Contacts Section.

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27 June 2014
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