In 2017 and 2018, we gathered information on issues and where people felt improvements could be made in the area in and around Kingston Park to the west of the A1, with the aim of developing an improvement scheme to respond to future housing developments close by.

What residents told us:

  • High levels of traffic on Kingston Park Road
  • Rat-running through Windsor Way
  • Concerns over rising levels of congestion due to traffic from planned housing developments
  • Difficulty leaving the Greenside estate due to queuing traffic

What we are proposing: plan:

  • Widening of Kingston Park Road west of the A1 to improve access to and from the A1 roundabout
  • Install road safety improvements on Windsor Way, alongside improvements for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Upgrade the walking and cycling route on Fawdon Walk
  • Tie in improvements to the Spine Road being delivered by the consortium at Newcastle Great Park – further information on this scheme can be found here:

These improvements will ensure that the trees to the south of Kingston Park Road are protected, responding to comments made at drop in sessions held in October 2018.

The scheme will be paid for using Section 106 funding – this is money from developers to pay for new infrastructure when homes are planned for an area. Click here for a map of developments in this area (

For further information on this scheme, please email us:


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15 February 2019
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