Alternatively, phone SSE who manage and repair faults to street lights on 0800 085 7307.

Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • The identification number on the lamppost or sign.
  • The address and number of the adjacent property.
  • The nature of the fault or damage, for example, the light is off or the door is missing from the lamppost.

Faults are investigated within 5 working days of being reported and where possible are repaired on the first visit. Over 90% are repaired on the first visit, others require more major repairs or involve electricity supply faults.

Inadequate street lighting in your area?

If you would like to report any of the following problems please use the form below:

  • inadequate lighting from a specific column
  • have a query about un-adopted lighting
  • moving columns
  • back light from existing column

These requests will be reported to our Street Lighting Contracts team for consideration.

Request inadequate street lighting online

Street lights on the A1(M) and A69

Street lighting on the A1(M) and A69 is not maintained by the council. The management and maintenance of these roads is the responsibility of the Highways Agency. To report faults with street lighting on these roads contact:

  • A1(M) contact A-One Integrated Highway Services on 01325 389 991.
  • A69 - contact Road Link by phoning 01434 611 114.

Street lighting management

Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council signed a contract with SSE to replace and maintain street lights in the two authorities for 25 years from July 2004. The division of SSE that carries out the lighting work in Newcastle and North Tyneside is called SSE Contracting.

The electricity used in street lighting is supplied by SSE from their renewable generating energy is classified as 100% green.

Our policy is to provide safe roads and footpaths. We will do this by improving and maintaining effective and efficient street lighting and illuminated traffic signs. This will help to improve environmental standards and community safety.

Warning: electricity can kill

Damaged or faulty electrical equipment can cause serious injury or death and should not be touched or interfered with. Under no circumstances should you interfere with a street light as this could result in an electric shock causing serious injury or death.

Electricity is generally supplied to street lights via underground cables. The street lights are the responsibility of Newcastle City Council. Northern Powergrid is responsible for the power network which provides electricity to street lights, homes and businesses across the region. We maintain close liaison with Northern Powergrid as damage to their equipment or failure of supplies require them to restore the service. 

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19 December 2017
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