The City Council works in partnership with Northumbria Police to remove abandoned vehicles through the AVAIL (Abandoned Vehicle Action Information Liaison) scheme.

The AVAIL scheme operates between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Any calls made to the AVAIL number out of hours will be handled by the Police and an Officer will be sent out to assess the vehicle in question.

AVAIL free phone number: 0800 1694466

The AVAIL team carry out a number of checks on Police and Insurance Databases to ensure the reported vehicle matches the criteria required to be classed as abandoned. If checks are inconclusive they may require a 24 hour notice to be issued on the vehicle, and in these cases they will contact the relevant nominated Council Officer to serve the notice on the vehicle. 

The AVAIL scheme aims to have its contractors remove vehicles deemed as abandoned within 24 hours of notification. 


Page last updated: 
16 August 2011
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