How to apply for a temporary road closure in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

The cost of road closure is £1,600.

Progressing the legal order for the closure takes 6-8 weeks so applications must be submitted a minimum of eight weeks in advance of the date required.

Requests should be submitted to

The following information will be required;

A traffic management plan identifying the section of highway to be closed, details of the proposed diversion route, details of signage proposed in compliance with chapter 8.

Why the temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is necessary?

When you want the Temporary TRO to be introduced and how long for?

Are works to be overnight?

Any exemptions permitted e.g. pedestrians, cyclists, emergency services, etc.

Contact details of the person responsible for works and customer services contact details for our website.

Please note that making an application for a road closure does not automatically guarantee that permission will be granted, your application will be assessed and one of our engineers will contact you to advise if your proposals can be accommodated.

Page last updated: 
3 July 2017
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