Gosforth Transport Improvements

New proposals for Gosforth High Street are launched today (Monday 4 July 2016)

The proposals provide safer crossing provision at all of the side roads by giving pedestrians priority over vehicles. We also propose to realign a number of junctions to reduce the entry speed of vehicles.

We have also taken the opportunity to create additional short term parking places in the vicinity of the High Street. These spaces will provide free parking for a period of up to 2 hours in a number of side streets for the benefit of local businesses.

There will be a requirement for some additional yellow line restrictions to prevent indiscriminate parking and improve access and visibility, particularly for pedestrians.

You can see the full plans here. (pdf, 876.91kb)

The new proposals have been developed over the last few months and are now ready for ‘technical’ consultation which will last for 21 days.

You can comment on these plans by writing to gosforthti@newcastle.gov.uk

Great North Road Improvements 5 July 2016

We also have plans to consolidate the speed limits along the entire length of Great North Road from the city centre to the A1. This will help us provide a safer environment along the route, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists, in conjunction with the other highway improvement schemes.

The proposals will complement both existing and proposed schemes on Great North Road and in summary are as follows:

  • 20 mph speed limit – The retail part of Gosforth High Street, between The Grove and Salters Road
  • 30 mph speed limit  – Between the Blue House junction and The Grove and from Broadway roundabout to Polwarth Drive.
  • 40 mph speed limit – from Claremont Road to Blue House and from Polwarth Drive to the A1.

You can see the full plans here. (pdf, 2.56mb)

You can comment on these plans by writing to gosforthti@newcastle.gov.uk


Work on Church Road/Salters Road junction is progressing well and will be substantially complete by the end of July.. We have phased the works in order to minimise disruption to businesses and local residents.

This junction has a poor safety record and issues with congestion that we want to put right.

The package of improvements to the junction include:

  • Joining the two junctions together to create a more traditional cross roads – removing lights for all road uses, to reduce congestion
  • Installing advanced stop lines for cyclists
  • Providing better foot paths to make it easier for people on foot to get around
  • Upgrading traffic signals to improve traffic flow

The improvements to the junction are part of a much wider transport plan to improve traffic conditions and road safety in Gosforth. Further information is available if you scroll down this page.

Our staff have been working closely with local businesses to minimise disruption to trade and assist with parking arrangements for customers and deliveries.

As part of the works, the car park at Salters Road will be closed until July 2016. 

Alternative car parking is available at

  • Great North Road Multi-Storey
  • Gosforth Customer Service Centre and Library Car Park
  • The Gosforth Centre Multi-Storey
  • St Nicholas Avenue

More information is available here.

Click here for a map and leaflet to print off.

Click here (pdf, 355kb) for information on the changes we are making to the junction.

The engagement team can also be contacted by e-mail at gosforthti@newcastle.gov.uk  or call on 0191 2777 541 if you require any further information or assistance.




Throughout 2014 we talked to residents, businesses, local councillors and people who visit Gosforth on the best way forward. This has included letters to thousands of residents and businesses, drop-in sessions, meetings and discussions, e-mail conversations and an on-line consultation. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.

Following our engagement exercise, a number of referrals were made to the Local Government Ombudsman which meant that we stopped work (and communication) on this project. The final decision from the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) relating to the complaints focusing on Gosforth High Street was received in Autumn 2015. In summary, in all cases the LGO has noted that they have, “found no fault by the council”.

Read the full story here.

This means that we can now continue with our proposals to determine what should happen on the High Street. In January 2016 we will enter into 'technical consultation' on proposals. Find out more about the process we go through to progress schemes by clicking here.

Proposals for the High Street

Gosforth High Street is an important part of our city and our plans include improvements to traffic conditions and road safety in Gosforth.

It is one of the key routes into the city-centre but suffers from high levels of congestion causing long delays for commuters, safety worries for people on bikes and poor reliability of public transport, as well as high levels of pollution.

Importantly, many of these issues also contribute to a feeling that the High Street is not as pleasant an environment for local people to shop as it could be.

We consulted widely with local residents, businesses and other interested groups, such as bus companies and community groups, over many months and our final plans are based on what they told us.

Read more about the schemes in Gosforth.


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5 July 2017
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