The Department for Transport has established two new competitive capital investment funds aimed at addressing pinch points, one for the strategic road network and one for the local road networks.

We are putting in a bid for the pinch point fund for the local roads network.


In the 2012 Autumn Statement the government created the Local Pinch Point Fund to remove bottlenecks on the local highway network which are holding back growth. The fund reflects the government’s commitment to supporting economic growth by tackling problems on the local highway network that may be slowing the movement of goods and people.

The fund is worth £170 million in the form of capital but is only available in 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015. The investment would fund improvements which can have an immediate impact on growth with the aim that all schemes will be delivered as quickly as possible.

The schemes delivered as part of both Funds within the programme must help create additional jobs and housing and could include:

  • improving existing roads to ease congestion bottlenecks, speed up journey times and improving reliability;
  • provision of new roads, junctions or roundabouts to improve access to business or housing development sites; or
  • strengthening or repairing of bridges or retaining walls which would otherwise lead to traffic restrictions and cause delays for traffic.

Our pinch point schemes

We have put forward two schemes that fit the stated criteria and could be built by April 2015. 

1. A remodelling of Cowgate Roundabout.  This will improve safety for all users, improve journey times for public transport, improve crossings for pedestrians, provide a safer route for cyclists.

2. Highway improvements and new quay works at Walker Riverside Industrial Park. This will provide access to the north end of Walker public quay and help generate new jobs and valuable exports.

Only one of our bids, the Cowgate Roundabout, has been successful. We will publish further information about the bid and our progress on this page.

If you have questions you can contact the responsible officer Jonathan Higgins at

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18 July 2014
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