Newcastle City Council provides Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) under the Public Health Act 1925 S.17-19.

SNN is essential for the efficient functioning of postal and emergency services as well as for the convenience and safety of the general public. If a property is not allocated an address by the Council it will not appear on the National Address Gazetteer causing the occupier of the property to experience difficulties in obtaining goods and services. This data base is used by the Council, Royal Mail, statutory undertakers, emergency services, credit agencies and many private companies.

Requests for New Postal Addresses

Who should apply?

Individuals or developers constructing a new property, undertaking a conversion resulting in the creation of new property or reconsolidation of multiple properties into one property.

When should you apply?

You should allow one month for completion of the SNN process. Please note that if objections to the use of a particular street name are received or the proposals involve the renaming of an existing street the process will take longer.

It is advisable to submit your request for postal addressing at the early stages of any new build development as utility companies are reluctant to install a service where an official postal address has not been allocated. However, please note that if you subsequently request an amendment to an existing SNN request, further charges will be incurred.

How to apply

The SNN application form can be downloaded from the link below:

Street naming and numbering application form (pdf, 131kb)

The application should be accompanied by:

  • A scaled location plan (not less than 1:1250) and, in the case of a new development, a layout plan indicating the position of the new property/properties in relation to the geographical surrounding and clearly showing all relevant primary entrances to building(s).
  • For new developments an AutoCAD version of the location plan can be emailed.
  • Where the development includes flats / apartments or similar, internal layout plans clearly showing door and access provision will also be necessary.
  • The application should be accompanied by the appropriate fee made payable to 'Newcastle City Council'. Please refer to 'Charges' section of this page.
  • If depositing your application by email we will contact you to advise on charges and arrange payment.

Requests for New Street Names

Where new roads are to be constructed developers will be able to propose suitable names for adoption by the Highway Authority.

Street naming is subject to the following criteria:

  1. Names cannot be duplicated within the same locality.
  2. Names for consideration need to be sufficiently unique so as to avoid confusion.
  3. Names of persons (living or dead) are not permissible.
  4. Where possible, names should reflect the history of the site or acknowledge the geography of the area.
  5. Names should not be capable of being misconstrued into inappropriate meanings.

Requests for new street names can be made in the same way as for postal addresses.

Houses with postal numbers and a name

If you have a postal number for your property but also wish to assign it with a name, the name will only be used on an informal basis and will not be registered by the Council. The reason for this is because omitting postal numbers in place of a name causes complications for deliveries as well as for the emergency services.  You can erect a name plaque on your property and quote the name, along with the postal number in the address. However for official purposes the property will always be known by number. You do not need to complete this application form.

Allocation of New Postal Addresses and New Streets

Once the Council has allocated a new postal address and/or new street name, all relevant and statutory authorities and emergency organisations will be notified; along with the Royal Mail who are responsible for the allocation of postcodes. Royal Mail will allocate a postcode when they receive notification from the Council of a new address or street designation.

Postcode enquiries for existing properties

The council is unable to deal with these enquiries. Please contact Royal Mail:-

Street name plates enquiries

Please click here if you have any enquiries about street name plates


(a) Numbering or renumbering of properties on an existing named street £150.00 per street affected + £5.00 * per property
(b) Numbering of properties and assigning a name to a new street £200.00 per new street + £10.00 * per property
(c) Developer requests to alter either street name or property numbers on a new development after street naming and numbering has been undertaken £200.00 + £10.00 * per new and affected plot address
(d) Requests to rename or the assign a name to an existing street £1,500.00 + £40.00 per property affected **
(e) Confirmation of postal addresses to property occupiers / owners / solicitors / conveyancers and other selected 3rd parties £50.00 per address enquiry
* £5.00 charge reduced to £2.50 where application relates to multi-storey type student accommodation bedsits / flats, where each occupancy requires the creation of a unique address identifier. ** Further charges may be applicable depending upon the proposal.  The applicant shall also be responsible for reimbursing reasonable costs incurred by the local authority in dealing with any appeals and objections submitted under Section 18(4) of the Public Health Act 1925.

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20 March 2019
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