Heritage at Risk

Heritage at Risk is a national survey compiled by Historic England. 2018 is the 20th year of Heritage at Risk with a register being published annually. The register includes Grade I and II* Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Registered Parks and Gardens, Registered Battlefields and Scheduled Monuments that are considered to be 'at risk'.

The 2018 register shows that Newcastle contains 11 Listed Buildings, 1 Registered Battlefield, 2 Registered Park & Gardens and 2 Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Historic England also continues to promote the requirement for a local 'at risk' register. This extends the concept of 'at risk' to all Grade II Listed Buildings.

Monitoring by the City Council of all 'Local Heritage at Risk' has taken place since 1990, with surveys undertaken periodically. This information allows a Local Authority register of all Grade II 'Buildings at Risk' to be maintained and inform future monitoring. It also forms vital baseline data for undertaking a future comprehensive review of 'Heritage at Risk'.

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12 December 2018
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