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Newcastle Commemorative Plaque Scheme

There are over 100 commemorative plaques are located around Newcastle to highlight its historic buildings and structures, and to show the city's connections with eminent figures from the past. 

We raise around 3 or 4 commemorative plaques annually. Sometimes these occasions coincide with anniversaries or other relevant dates. Nearly all nominations for plaques have come from an interested member of the public and we actively encourage you to make your own suggestions. Before submitting your suggestion please familiarise yourself with the criteria that must be passed for a plaque to reach final consideration. You can view these criteria here.

If you have any questions about the plaque scheme please contact Simon Parkin, Tyne and Wear Conservation Team.

The Decision Process

We receive around 8 - 15 proposals every year. Those proposals that make it through the initial assessment process are then weighted on significance and relevance to any upcoming events e.g. centenary of person to be commemorated. A final list of 3-4 are proposed for the forthcoming financial year to Historic Environment Advisory Panel (HEAP) every Jan/Feb for their endorsement with others of merit, noted as possibilities for future years. If we consider those not proposed to HEAP to still have significant merit we will include them on the list for consideration in the next calendar year.

Heritage Open Days in Tyne and Wear

Heritage Open Days (HODs) is the nation's biggest free annual celebration of architecture, history and culture and allows the public a chance to visit heritage sites that are usually not open to the public or normally charge an entry fee. The weekend is part of European Heritage Days, a much larger collection of similar events across Europe which are run as part of a Council for Europe Initiative.

Heritage Open Days in Tyne and Wear takes place every September over four days and gives the public the chance, free of charge, to visit or take part in buildings, tours, walks, talks and events, all celebrating the amazing, vibrant and diverse heritage of the region.

HODsTW often attracts grant funding and other types of financial or in-kind support from interested businesses, publications and charities.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved in HODs, please contact Fiona Cullen.


In general we promote the value of the history and heritage of Newcastle and more specifically the reasons why it is important to conserve and preserve, carefully manage changing environments and development to ensure that the future has a visible past. We do this through very public schemes like the Commemorative Plaque Scheme and Tyne and Wear Heritage Open Days as well as through the advisory services we provide with regards planning, listed building, conservation area and scheduled ancient monument consents as well consulting on the archaeological requirements for pre-development planning applications and the like.

Visitor Information and Interpretation

Imagine interpretation as a bridge where visitors crossing the bridge discover hidden secrets that can lead to greater understanding, satisfaction and enjoyment of their environment.

Over the last few years we have developed a look and feel for interpretative materials and published visitor information leaflets that are consistent with city centre visitor signage and other visitor related, legible city information.

The Explore Heritage page includes leaflets to download on historic assets in the city centre as well as walking tours. 

We are continually progressing the

  • phased upgrade of interpretation boards around the city,
  • maintenance of existing interpretation,
  • replenishment and distribution of published visitor leaflets,
  • the development of new visitor information leaflets and especially those that form part of the Explore Heritage series
  • the development of new interpretation boards and other interpretive media
  • as well as the research, development and introduction of alternative digital interpretive media.

We provide support for local groups looking to implement heritage projects or interpretation schemes and provide interpretive services to other departments within Newcastle City Council who wish to support the provision of heritage/visitor information through their own ongoing capital and revenue schemes.

For more information about our interpretative services and publications please contact Simon Parkin.

Hidden Newcastle mobile app

Unlock the forgotten stories of Newcastle's past as you walk around the city using the free Hidden Newcastle mobile app. Discover the real people who lived and worked in our familiar streets. 

Old Newcastle

Old Newcastle was a HLF project focused on Newcastle's social, cultural and creative heritage using the ancient Black Gate as a new portal to the City's rich history, culture and character. Part of this project saw the transformation of the Black Gate into an accessible heritage-led education and interpretation centre.

Historical Maps of Newcastle

There are a number of historic maps of Newcastle online, including medieval and 18th-19th century maps.

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