DM Ellison Quadrant

1. Is Planning Permission Needed? Find out whether you need planning permission, depending on the nature and scale of the works you wish to carry out.

2. Guidance on making a Planning Application Help on selecting the correct application form, calculating the fee, and what to submit.

3. Applications forms, Validation Checklists and Guidance Notes You can download forms from here, or we can send you the forms you need by post. There are also guidance notes attached to help you to make your planning application.

4. Guidance on Household Development  Advice for householders wishing to make an application.

5. A guide to Publicity and The Planning Process  What happens after submitting the planning application, and how the public can become involved with the decision process.

6. Pre Application Enquiries Information on our pre-application service with impartial and professional advice.

7. A guide to Planning Officer Delegated Powers How are planning decisions reached, and which applications are decided by Planning Officer and which by Planning Committee?

8. Guidance on Planning Appeals Appealing against an application decision.

9. Our Privacy Notice which sets out how we use information in the course of our work as a Local Planning Authority.

Other Guidance

The conservation team has produced two pre-application information sheets. The first is a basic introduction to the historic environment, and how it might affect your proposed development. The second outlines the types of heritage consents that you may need to obtain for your proposed development.

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25 May 2018
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