Arranging your Ceremony

Local lockdown restrictions and Rule of 6

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are exempt from the Rule of 6 and local lockdown restrictions although the social distancing restrictions described below still apply.

 Couples who have a query about their reception arrangements should contact their venue for guidance.

 More details can be found at


Ceremonies held under COVID 19 guidelines

The government has now issued guidance to assist people planning to get married or form a civil partnership in England.

Couples with a ceremony booking should read the guidance carefully and in full as it may help them decide if they want to proceed or to make alternative arrangements.

In addition the government announced on 31 July 2020 that all guests attending a ceremony at an approved venue or Register Office are required to wear a face covering.  Brides, grooms, or civil partners do not need to wear a face covering.

The implications for ceremonies to be held in Newcastle Register Office or in The Leazes Room at Newcastle Civic Centre are as follows:

  • The number of people attending a Register Office ceremony will be limited to 4 – this is to include the couple plus two witnesses.
  • The number of people attending a Leazes Room ceremony will be limited to 10 – this is to include the couple, 2 witnesses plus up to 6 others.
  • In order to keep the ceremony as short as possible it will be limited to the statutory declarations that are required in order for the marriage or civil partnership to be legally binding.
  • In order to reduce the length of the ceremony the following will not be allowed:
    • Readings
    • Music
    • The exchanging of rings
    • Photographs inside the Civic Centre

Read the full guidance for The Register Office and Leazes Room here

Couples who are having their ceremony at an approved premise should contact their venue to confirm that their ceremony is going ahead and any queries about wedding or civil partnership receptions should be directed to the venue in question.  The restrictions below are also applied to ceremonies taking place at an approved premise:

  • In order to reduce the length of the ceremony the following will not be allowed:
    • Readings
    • Music
    • The exchanging of rings
    • Photographs

Read the full guidance for Approved Premises here

The Register Office does not know if or when social distancing restrictions will be lifted so we must assume that they will remain in place and any decision to proceed with an existing ceremony or to book a new ceremony must be made on this basis.

Couples who do not want to proceed under the circumstances should contact the Register Office to discuss their options.  Please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for Registrars or email


New ceremony bookings

We are now taking new ceremony bookings which can be made up to two years in advance.

Couples booking ceremonies for 2021 and 2022 will be advised of the restrictions currently in place.  We do not know if or when restrictions will be relaxed so couples booking a new ceremony should proceed on the basis that they will still be in place at the time of their ceremony.

If you are interested in booking a ceremony please contact the Register Office by phone at 0191 2787878 and ask for Registrars or email stating your preferred date and time, the name of your venue and your contact details and someone will get back to you.


If you are an EU or EEA National planning to marry this year, please read this information.


Arranging Your Ceremony

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of ceremony you would like.  This could be in the Register Office, The Leazes Room, or at one of our approved venues around the city. These ceremonies can be booked up to 2 years in advance.

You may also choose to hold your ceremony at a place of worship,  or you might want to get married abroad.


Register Office and Leazes Room

To book a ceremony in The Register Office or in The Leazes Room please  contact the Register Office.

Approved Venues

Provisionally book your ceremony with the approved venue  and then contact the Register Office to confirm the availability of a Registrar.

Religious Ceremonies

Information about arranging a religious ceremony can be found at

Getting Married Abroad

Information about the documents you might need to arrange a marriage or civil partnership ceremony abroad can be found at


Please be aware that all of our ceremony bookings require the payment of a booking fee at the time of booking.  A deposit is also required for the Leazes Room and approved venue bookings.  This will guarantee your chosen date and time subject to our Terms and Conditions of booking .

Giving Notice of Intention to Marry or Form a Civil Partnership

Giving notice of intention involves attending an appointment at a Register Office. You must do this before you are able to be legally married in the UK. Before you book an appointment, you will need to know where the ceremony will take place and be able to confirm that you are both legally free to get married or to form a civil partnership.

Details of when and where to give notice and the documents you will need to provide can be found on our Giving Notice page.



You will be asked to pay the final balance for your ceremony at least 16 weeks prior to the date it will take place.  The cost of your ceremony depends upon the choice of venue and the day of the week the ceremony will take place.

Details can be found on our fees page .


Ceremony Choices

During the ceremony you will have to make two sets of legal declarations at a minimum. However, once you have made your final payment we will send you some information on your ceremony options which will allow you to personalise the remainder of your ceremony.  These forms should be returned to the Register Office before your ceremony so that a script can be prepared for the Registrar to use on the day.

We will also send you some hints and tips to help your day run smoothly.


Marriages Involving EU or EEA Nationals

In order to marry in England or Wales a Registrar must attest a notice of marriage. The General Register Office has advised that there is no intention to make any changes to the existing scheme on or immediately after the UK has left the EU. The longer-term position remains unclear, but EU and EEA citizens seeking to marry in 2019 and early next year can be reassured that their marriage will not be affected by changes.


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