Council Tax - How much will I pay?

Council Tax - How much will I pay?

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Your council tax is calculated using the Valuation Band of the property, the number of adult residents and details of any appropriate discounts, exemptions, disregards or reductions.

Your home has been allocated one of eight bands according to its market value at 1st April 1991.

The price of your home today is not a good guide as to what your band should be.

Find out your band

If your home has been build recently it may not have a council tax band yet, if you are not able to find your property details contact the valuation office agency for information on your property's council tax band:

Contact Valuation Office Agency

If you live within a parish you will be charged an additional amount which is paid to the parish council. The amounts can be seen below.

Charges for 2021/2022
All Figures in £'s Brunswick Dinnington Hazlerigg North Gosforth Woolsington Blakelaw & North Fenham City
A 1,360.70 1,360.28 1,368.51 1,352.48 1,354.61 1,362.31 1,348.19
B 1,587.50 1,587.00 1,596.61 1,577.90 1,580.39 1,589.37 1,572.90
C 1,814.27 1,813.71 1,824.68 1,803.31 1,806.15 1,816.42 1,797.59
D 2,041.06 2,040.42 2,052.77 2,028.72 2,031.92 2,043.47 2,022.29
E 2,494.62 2,493.84 2,508.93 2,479.54 2,483.45 2,497.57 2,471.68
F 2,948.20 2,947.28 2,965.12


2,935.00 2,951.68 2,921.09
G 3,401.76 3,400.70 3,421.28 3,381.20 3,386.53 3,405.78 3,370.48
H 4,082.12 4,080.84 4,105.54 4,057.44 4,063.84 4,086.94 4,044.58

You can find out more about how your council tax is made up and spent here:

Council tax information booklet 2021/2022

If you think your band is wrong

If you wish to appeal against your banding you should contact the Valuation Office and not the council. You must continue to pay your existing bill while you are waiting for the results of an appeal.

Contact Valuation Office Agency


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