£150 Energy support payment

£150 Energy support payment

The Government is providing £150 for most households living in properties in council tax bands A to D.

To find out which band your home is in:

You will not need to repay this support payment.

If you are eligible for this support

If you pay by Direct Debit

Your money will have been sent to the bank account from which you pay you council tax after your April payment was received and cleared.

If you pay by Direct Debit and did not receive a payment we will have written to you in May inviting you to make an application. 

If you don't pay by Direct Debit

In May we wrote to every eligible household that does not pay by Direct Debit inviting them to make an application. 

You do not need to wait for your letter to make an application if you know your:

  • council tax reference number
  • your property reference number

For details of how to apply see our claim your £150 energy support payment page.


Please be aware it may take between 15 and 20 working days to receive your payment. 


If you do not have a bank account, you will be able to ask us to credit your council tax account, to reduce your balance.

Extra support

We have also received funding from the Government to support vulnerable and low-income households.

Payments will be made in the same way as the main scheme, either:

  • direct into your bank account if you pay council tax by Direct Debit
  • through an application process if you do not

The discretionary payments will not be paid at the same time as the £150. 

Council tax bands A to D

For households who received Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022 and who live in council tax band A to D properties, we will:

  • automatically provide an extra £18 from the discretionary fund
  • make the total amount you receive £168

Support for higher council tax bands

We have also received funding to support vulnerable and low-income households in council tax bands E to H.

For households in bands E to H and in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022 we will:

  • pay £168

Frequently asked questions 

Will the payment affect any benefits I receive?

No - this payment is intended to be towards your energy bill so should not be classed as income.

Are businesses eligible for the payment if they have a council tax liability?

No -  corporate bodies, local authorities, housing authorities or any government body are not eligible. 

Who gets the payment if I live in an House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)?

We consider a House of Multiple Occupancy as a property where occupants have an individual tenancy agreement for their room.

In most cases payments will be made to the liable person if the bank details match that of the liable party. It will be up to the household to discuss this with their landlord, the council is unable to get involved.

Am I eligible for the payment if I moved into the property on 2 April 2022?

No - You must be liable for council tax at the property at the end of 1 April 2022 to be eligible.

Will we all receive a payment if there is more than one person liable for council tax at an address? (for example joint tenants)

No - the payment will be made to either:

  • the person whose name is on the council tax Direct Debit
  • whoever claims the payment on behalf of the household

We cannot get involved in disputes over who should receive the payment.

I am a student - will I qualify for a payment?

Yes - if  you meet the above criteria then you will be eligible for a payment.

Please note that only one payment can be made per household. It will be up to the household to discuss who makes the application.

I am a student and my tenancy is due to end in July am I still entitled to the payment?

Yes - if you were in the property on 1 April 2022 and meet the above criteria then you are entitled to receive it.

I am about to leave my property and have not yet received my invite letter, what can I do?

Letters were sent in May 2022. If you did not receive your letter by the end of your tenancy agreement, please:

  • phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for energy support payment (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm). Please be aware we are experiencing very high volumes of calls.

What other support is available?

Our energy advice page has more information on:

  • support you can access yourself
  • advice and support we offer
  • Government support
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