Graffiti Removal Service for Businesses and Private Property

Graffiti is words or drawings that are written, painted, sprayed or scratched on the surface of any property.

Graffiti on private buildings, both domestic and commercial, is also the responsibility of the owner to remove or obscure.

We are now offering a chargeable service for both businesses and private residents who want graffiti removed or obscured on their property.  You can book and pay via the link below.

You can also request a quote for a large area to be cleaned. Our teams will inspect the site and email you a quote. If you want to proceed just pay via the email link.

For full service details and terms and conditions please use the link below.

Please note that we require at least 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations as this gives time for the crews to be informed.  A refund will be processed once the cancellation request is received. We cannot guarantee that a refund would be granted if the cancellation is received with less than 24 hours notice. Please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for “Envirocall” to cancel a booking.

Responsibility for removing graffiti

The Council is responsible for removing graffiti and fly-posters from its own buildings, street furniture or monuments. There is no legal time limit for doing this.

Other structures, such as telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity sub-stations, are the responsibility of the company that has placed them there.

Hate speech and offensive graffiti

If you want to report offensive graffiti, please use this form.  There is no charge in these cases. We aim to remove all hate speech and offensive, racist and sexist graffiti within 2 working days of it being reported. Where this is not possible, it will be painted over. This covers both Council and private/YHN property (but to remove it from private property we need the owner's permission).

If you have and difficulties using the online forms, you can still book and pay over the phone. Please call 0191 2787878 and ask for Envirocall.