NHS Test & Trace at Newcastle Libraries

NHS Test & Trace at Newcastle Libraries


To support NHS Test and Trace (which is part of the Department for Health and Social Care) in England, Newcastle’s Community Hubs and Libraries Service has decided to collect and keep a limited record of staff and visitors who come onto our premises. This is for the purpose of contract tracing.

By maintaining records of staff and visitors and sharing these with NHS Test and Trace where requested, we can help to identify people who may have been exposed to the Coronavirus.

NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace is a key part of the country’s ongoing COVID-19 response. If we can rapidly detect people who have recently come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case, we can take swift action to minimise transmission of the virus. This is important as lockdown measures are eased and will help us return to a more normal way of life and reduce the risk of needing local lockdowns in the future.

You can read further information on how NHS Test and Trace works.

The purpose of seeking consent

By seeking consent to share contact details of staff and visitors, and sharing these with NHS Test and Trace where requested, we can help to identify people who may have been exposed to the virus. Containing outbreaks early is crucial to reduce the spread of COVID-19, protect the NHS and social care sector, and save lives. This will help to avoid the reintroduction of lockdown measures and support the country to return to, and maintain, a more normal way of life

How this may affect you

We are asking all people using our buildings to either use the NHS Covid 19 app on entry or share their details with us so we can share them with the NHS should we be asked to in the event of a suspected outbreak.

As a visitor, we will be asking if you are happy for us to share basic information and contact details which we currently hold about you on our Library Management System (LMS). This information was provided when you joined the library.

The following information will be collected:


  • The library card number of all visitors wishing to use a computer
  • Whether you give permission for us to share the information we hold
  • Date of visit and arrival and departure time.

NHS Test and Trace have asked us to retain this information for 21 days from the date of the visit, to enable contact tracing to be carried.  We will only share information with NHS Test and Trace if it is specifically requested by them.

We currently hold information on our Library Management System (LMS) and we would like to provide this to NHS Test and Trace in the event that they contact us. If visitors are happy for us to provide this information, we will make a record of this which we will keep for 21 days. This will simply be the library card number and a note of whether you give us permission to share their telephone number when contacted. We will also share the time you logged on and off the computer.

This is a voluntary scheme and if you choose not to provide this information it will not stop you from entering the library.

More information about libraries and privacy can be found at our Privacy Statement pages.

Sharing with NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace will ask for these records only where it is necessary, either because someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has listed one of our buildings as a place they visited recently, or because our premises have been identified as the location of a potential local outbreak of COVID-19.





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