How to apply for a Blue Badge

What information will I need before I apply?

Please fill out an application form and provide one recent passport style photograph of yourself to apply for the badge.

There is no need to submit any supporting correspondence from a health care professional unless eligibility is based upon answers to section 5 of the application form.

Payment for the badge is only required once the application has been approved and can be made online or via the phone. Further details will be passed to you at the point your application is approved.

Please note that the procedure for renewing a Blue Badge is exactly the same as it is for a new application:

Apply online via the Directgov website


If you are terminally ill and have been issued with a DS1500 please use this link:

I have been issued with a DS1500 


What happens next?

If you automatically qualify for the badge, and you have provided proof, we will write to you to tell you that your application has been approved. This usually takes 14 days.

If you do not automatically qualify for a badge and we need to assess your eligibility, or if you have not submitted all the required proof then it will take us longer to confirm whether you are entitled to a badge or not.

We will assess your application and you may be required to attend an independent mobility assessment with an Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist. A company called Ascenti will make the arrangements for your assessment. Please be patient during this time. We are unable to speed up this process, so make sure you apply for your badge in good time.

We will write to you as soon as we have received the result of your assessment and made a decision to tell you if you are entitled to a badge or not.

If you are not entitled to a badge you must wait six months before you can apply again unless your mobility has deteriorated or your status changes and you would qualify for a Blue Badge without further assessment, due to one of the categories in Section 2 of the application form.

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