Newcastle C-Card and Sexual Health Good Practice Event

Newcastle C-Card and Sexual Health Good Practice Event

The Newcastle C-Card and Sexual Health Good Practice Event 2019 was held on Tuesday 10 December 2019.

At the event, we celebrated some of the innovative and excellent work with young people and adults around sexual health that has taken place in Newcastle, through the Newcastle Sexual Health Good Practice Awards 2019.

This year, we combined the two award categories of Work with young people (under 25) and Work with adults (over 25) into a single category of Sexual Health Work (all ages).  We had some fantastic submissions of projects and piece of work.

The winner in this category was Mesmac and Shine for their relaunch of the point of care HIV fast test using BioSure (opens in YouTube), which they are taking out to a diverse range of people at increased risk of HIV transmission.

The other two shortlisted projects were:

  • New Croft Centre for their nurse-led Mobile Outreach Service, which takes contraception and sexual health services out to those who are unable to access mainstream services through complex vulnerabilities.
  • Blue Sky Trust for their HIV Champions initiative, which aims to increase awareness and reduce stigma around HIV.

The other category was Sexual Health Worker of the Year, which is an award that recognises a practitioner, in any setting in Newcastle, who has delivered work to improve sexual health and promote healthy relationships. This award was presented to Cherry Raymond, who works in Airey Terrace Children's Residential Home, for her outstanding work with young people around confidence, self-esteem and relationships, as was outlined in her nomination:

  •  "Cherry works tirelessly to support young people. She has started her own wellbeing programme for the young people in Airey Terrace. Cherry named this the CONSE programme (confidence and self esteem) and it is a targeted individual programme for each young person. Cherry is always thinking outside of the box to engage young people and this has developed into a very successful programme which young people are happy to engage in. As one young person said to me “everyone needs a Cherry in their life”. This sums up the importance of her work and the impact she has on young people."

Cherry Raymond receives Sexual Health Worker of the Year Award


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