Services and support offered by the Safeguarding Adults Unit

Advice and support

  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit has an advice line for professionals (anybody working or volunteering with adults with care and support needs in any sector). Advice can be given on a range of safeguarding adults related areas, including: individual cases, best practice, and policy and procedures (including Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards). The advice line can be accessed on the Safeguarding Adults Unit’s main telephone number: 0191 278 8156, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.
  • It should be noted that the Advice Line is not a duty or emergency system and it can not be guaranteed that a Safeguarding Manager will be available to be spoken to immediately. The protocol is that information related to the advice request is left with admin support who then pass this on to a Safeguarding Manager. This allows for case screening/allocation and prioritisation.
  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit does not receive safeguarding adults referrals (e.g. Safeguarding Adults Initial Enquiry forms). All safeguarding adults referrals should be made to Community Health and Adult Social Care Direct (0191 278 8377) or the allocated Social Worker.
  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit does not have involvement in all safeguarding adults concerns that are raised with the Local Authority. The Safeguarding Adults Unit are only involved in the following cases:

- Organisational or paid worker cases. For example, cases where the alleged perpetrator is a paid worker or the concern is about institutional/organisational abuse.

- Complex cases. For example, cases involving multiple victims and/or perpetrators, cases of sexual exploitation, forced marriage, honour-based violence or modern slavery.

Learning and Development

  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit provides a range of different learning and development opportunities that are available free of charge to any organisation working or volunteering with adults with care and support needs in Newcastle. They range from a basic awareness level through to service manager level. Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards training is also managed via the Safeguarding Adults Unit.
  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit can also provide one-off learning and development opportunities to specific groups on request. This is subject to availability and capacity within the Unit. In the past this has included training for: interpreters, trustees, and service users.

Attendance at events/meetings

  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit has a role to promote its work and raise awareness of the abuse of adults at risk and what can be done to stop it. Staff within the Unit are therefore keen to attend events, conferences or meetings to talk about safeguarding adults. We are also equipped to have stands/stalls at information giving events or fairs. This is subject to availability and capacity within the Unit.

Posters, leaflets and other promotional materials

  • The Safeguarding Adults Unit have a number of different publications that can be used by any organisation to increase awareness about safeguarding adults, mental capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. These can be requested from the Safeguarding Adults Unit.
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10 November 2017
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