In November 2012 we set out a three year budget (2013-16). This was subject to extensive consultation, receiving over 50,000 responses. City Council met on 6 March 2013 and agreed the first year of this budget programme for 2013-14. Full details of this can be found below. 

Budget 2016 documents:

Proposals agreed by City Council on 6 March 2013:

  • Civic Enterprise (Traded Services)
    This looks at how the council can maximise income through trading services.
  • Commissioning and Procurement
    This looks at creating a single coherent approach to commissioning all people-focussed services in the future.
  • Crisis Response
    This looks at the services we provide to people who face or are at risk of financial and social exclusion and the risk of homelessness.
  • Democratic Support
    This includes democratic services, Lord Mayor's office and Elections.
  • Housing
    This looks at how the council supports the housing market and affordable homes in the city
  • Local Services - Maintaining the City
    This includes many of the most highly visible services we deliver on behalf of the public, feeding directly into the council's ambition to deliver decent neighbourhoods.
  • Local Services - Services People Access
    This looks at the services we deliver through our public buildings such as our libraries, museums, leisure centres and Customer Service Centres.
  • Local Services - Supporting and Enabling Communities
    This looks at the support and opportunities we offer to residents and communities to get involved in issues, especially at a local level.
  • Office Accommodation
    This looks at the office buildings we use as a council, and proposals around their future use.
  • Public Protection and Safety
    This looks at a number of statutory services and functions we deliver to protect the public, improve health, provide a safe city and promote economic growth.
  • Services to Schools
    This looks at the range of different services that are provided to schools and children and young people in Newcastle and how they can be delivered differently.
  • Social Care
    This looks at the social care services we provide to children, young people, families and vulnerable adults in the city.
  • Support Services
    This includes all support and business management services and functions we deliver as a council.
  • Working City
    This incorporates all of the council's current economic development activity, which includes business growth, projects, planning, transport, employment and skills.


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31 October 2014
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