Newcastle has faced cuts that are unfair and disproportionate, more than twice the national average since 2010. By 2019-20 we will be in the ninth year of austerity. Over the period to 2022, we will have had to save a staggering £327 million due to government cuts and increasing cost pressures.

Over the next three years, we need to save £60 million. The funding gap in 2019-20 is £20 million, assuming the proposed increase in Council Tax the funding gap falls to £16.9 million.

Shaping our future together: our medium term plan 2019-20 to 2021-22 sets out how we are dealing with the continued public sector austerity whilst delivering our bold ambitions for the city. It outlines the steps we proposed to take to over the next three years.

Consultation on the budget is now closed.

Budget documents

Background documents:

​Proposals that impact on services in 2019-20

We have undertaken Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs) for proposals that will impact on services in 2019-20.


For Consultation
1. Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums Consultation document
2. Community hubs, libraries and Contact Centre Consultation document
3. Waste disposal costs Consultation document
4. Parking services Consultation document
5. Supporting Independence scheme Consultation document
6. Financial services Consultation document
7. Council Tax and adult social care precept Consultation document

All feedback we receive through this consultation will be analysed and will help councillors to make decisions on the plan in March 2019. We will reflect on the feedback and publish an updated plan on our website in February. This will include a report summarising all the comments we receive and how they have informed any changes we may make to our plan.

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7 January 2019
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