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Procedure for new Delegated Decisions

The DD system which began on 1 April 2009 was changed in May 2011 when the Leader of the Council introduced decision-making by individual Cabinet Members.

The following advice therefore covers Delegated Decisions to be made either by a Delegated Officer of by a single Cabinet Member.

Please click on the links below for procedural guidance, a report checklist and report template (plus details of Delegated Officers and a link to Cabinet Members and their portfolios).

Guidance, Checklist and DD report Template
Delegated Officers
Cabinet Portfolios

The Procedural Guidance explains briefly and simply what needs to be done, who needs to sign off a DD report, who to send it to when it is signed off, and how and when it will be published and take effect.

The Guidance also explains that details of any proposed Delegated Decision which is a 'key decision' must be available for public inspection for at least 5 clear days before the decision is made.  It explains how this is done and what is meant by 'key decision'.

It also explains that a DD by a Delegated Officer which is a key decision or any DD by a single Cabinet Member is subject to possible 'call in' and cannot be implemented at least until the 7 day call in period expires.

The checklist is self-explanatory and the report template includes advice notes on how to complete it.

For further advice contact:

Democratic Services - Linda Scott ext 25159
Corporate Law - John Softly ext 27047
Finance and Resources - Kevin Laing ext x26529

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7 March 2019
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