Local elections 2019

On 2 May 2019 there will be local elections in Newcastle upon Tyne to elect 26 councillors. Find out more about Local Elections 2019.

North of Tyne Combined Authority Mayoral Election

For more information including election notices visit https://www.northoftyne-ca.gov.uk/north-of-tyne-mayor-election.

European Parliamentary Election

For the notice of election and more information visit the European Parliamentary Election page.

The result announced for the EU Referendum for the Newcastle area was incorrect. The total number for remain was 65,405 and not 65,404 as announced by the Counting Officer. Therefore the results below are correct.


The result of the EU Referendum 2016 in Newcastle is: Remain 65405, Leave 63598. Total electorate 190,735, Voter turnout 129,072 (67.7%).

Visit the results page to view a breakdown of how Newcastle voted.

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3 April 2018
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