Newcastle Fund Round 9 - Now Closed

Greater focus will be on projects which support and develop active citizens, support communities and individuals to design, develop and deliver their own solutions, empower people to effect positive change and offer new ways of working. The city faces very significant challenges, in the light of cuts to public spending, and significant changes to the welfare system. In the light of these challenges, the Council wishes to support initiatives which build community capacity and resilience in three areas:

The outcomes for Newcastle Fund Round 9 are listed below.

  • building community resilience
  • improving individuals' resilience
  • improving wellbeing and health

Within this the Fund will have a greater focus on asset based ways of working. 

In supporting asset based ways of working, the Fund will have a greater focus on project which:

  • Redress the balance between meeting needs and nurturing the strengths and resources of people and communities. 
  • Enhance the protective factors that support wellbeing and health and the coping abilities of individuals and communities even when faced with adverse life circumstances. 
  • Bring together people and communities to achieve positive change using their own knowledge, skills and lived experience. 
  • Share, link and liberate resources and assets - connecting people and organisations within and across communities. 
  • Create the conditions for communities and individuals to do things for themselves, in ways which people can get help when they need it. 

All projects must evidence that they will be delivered from a local base within Newcastle area and can deliver good outcomes for people, efficiently, and on the basis of a good understanding of need. 

For further details on the priorities and eligibility guidance including the assessment process please see Newcastle Fund Guidance notes.  

You can also view The Newcastle Fund Round 9 Prospectus (2019/20) which provides important information about the Newcastle Fund.  

Applications will close 12 noon on 20 August 2018. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered for funding.

Applicants can apply for funding for 1, 2 or 3 years from April 2019. If your project is longer than 12 months then the need for longer-term funding must be clearly demonstrated, through a multi-year programme of activity, incorporating evidence of improvements and reduced costs in the second year.

If you would like further information, please email or contact, 0191 211 6906 or 0191 2116031

All applications are to be submitted online.

Apply online for Funding

Please note the Newcastle Fund will NOT support any of the below activities

  • organisations that are not constituted voluntary and community organisations, registered charities, or social enterprises
  • activity outside the Newcastle City Council area or activity which targets beneficiaries who are not Newcastle residents
  • costs or activities which are before 1 April 2019 or after 31 March 2022. Your project must start after 1 April 2019
  • costs associated with submitting an application
  • organisations which do not have an organisational 
  • bank account.

In addition to the Newcastle Fund, the Council devolves funding for neighbourhood level projects to our ward committees, where decisions on funding are taken in public by elected Councillors. Small projects which are focused on specific neighbourhoods should consider an application to the relevant ward committee, rather than to the Newcastle Fund. Information on these funds is available by clicking here.

Previous rounds of the Newcastle Fund

We are committed to being open in our grant process, so you can look at details of previous applicants to the Newcastle Fund below:

Newcastle Fund Annual report 

Our 2016-17 Newcastle Fund Annual Report (pdf, 13kb) and 2017-18 Newcastle Fund Annual Report seek to demonstrate how the Newcastle Fund has benefitted Newcastle’s residents and communities over the last year, and shares information on the types of projects supported and outcomes achieved, how many people have benefitted from the projects supported, as well as the geographical spread that our grant funding reached.

Newcastle Fund Review

In September 2016, the Council launched its Call for Evidence - Shaping the future of the Newcastle Fund to gather views and ideas on how the Newcastle Fund should look in the future. You can read a summary of the feedback received from the engagement phase here.

Findings from the engagement phase, along with the Council’s broader commitments to cooperative working, were then used to inform a change proposal for consultation - the Newcastle Fund Consultation Proposal - which was published on 9 March 2017 and closed on 6 April 2017. You can read a summary of the feedback received on the change proposal here. (pdf, 293kb)

We have now produced a Newcastle Fund Position Statement which concludes the final stage of our consultation with stakeholders designed to help stakeholders understand what our future direction of travel is for the Newcastle Fund and what this may mean for them, and to help them participate in an ongoing dialogue about how the Newcastle Fund should evolve.


We are committed to regularly evaluating our Newcastle Fund process to make sure it is effective. If you have any comments about the process, please let us know by emailing

If you have any general enquires about applying to the Newcastle Fund, please contact Daryll Alder on 0191 211 6906 or email

Page last updated: 
21 February 2019
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