Are you a child or adult who has been adopted?

We have information for children who are being adopted. This tells you what it means and what happens when you are adopted by a new family.  

You can download our information about being adopted:
About being adopted information for children (PDF; 1.55Mb; opens in a new window)

Or you can also ask for a copy to be sent to you:
Phone: 0191 211 6777
Fax: 0191 211 4955
Textphone: 0191 211 6388

If you were adopted and would like a copy of your personal records then please fill in the access to personal information form.

There have recently been some changes in the law about adoption and so we are updating our information about being adopted. Your social worker or the support worker from Newcastle Adoption Services will explain more about the changes.

If there is anything you would like to know which is not covered here, just ask. You can ask your social worker or the support worker from Newcastle Adoption Services.
The Childrens Rights Director has a website for children and young people which gives information about your rights and how to have your say.

Go to our further contacts page to find out more about who to contact.