Build a Future

Build a Future is a specialist fostering service that is part of our Foster a Future service.

Build a Future is aimed at supporting young people from Newcastle who are currently living in residential homes (children’s homes) or who are complex adolescents on the cusp of requiring residential services.

The service supports these young people by placing them in a specialist foster placement, with a dedicated support network, providing them with a safe and therapeutic environment to grow and develop into well rounded adults.

The children and Foster Carers that are part of Build a Future are supported by a dedicated team, provided with associated training and support and be linked with Newcastle City Council’s award winning Virtual School service to help reach their educational potential.

Build a Future provides a unique challenge to carers and the support and financial payments reflect this. A weekly payment of £750 is available whilst a child is in placement and 24/7 support is on hand whenever you need it. Could you be a Build a Future carer? 

Open Evenings 

Want to learn more about Build a Future? The unique challenges and brilliant rewards that it brings? Head along to one of our Open Evenings where you can talk through everything with a member of the team.

Each open evening will start at 7pm at the Civic Centre in Newcastle, please report to Main Reception where you will be greeted by a Social Worker who will take you to one of the Council's Committee Rooms. There is free parking at the back of the Civic Centre after 6pm.

The next Open Evenings take place:

Thursday 8 August 2019

We also host Drop In events around Newcastle upon Tyne, if you are interested in learning more about Fostering, come along and drop in for a chat with our Recruitment & Engagement Officer.  

Newcastle City Library

Charles Avison Building 33 New Bridge Street West NE1 8AX

Tuesday 19 June 2019

4pm to 7pm


Tesco Extra Community Room

Brunton Ln, Kingston Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 2FP

Tuesday 25 June 2019

5pm to 7pm            


Costa Coffee

St James Retail Park, Stamfordham Road, Newcastle, NE5 2SF

Wednesday 3 July 2019

4pm to 6pm


Costa Coffee

St James Retail Park, Stamfordham Road, Newcastle, NE5 2SF

Wednesday 24 July 2019

4pm to 6pm


Why are some of our young people in Residential Homes? 

No young person's journey through the care system is the same and they often enter care because of adults failing them.

Some young people in the care system will behave in  difficult ways as a result of their experiences, causing foster placements to breakdown, leaving the young person in a very vulnerable situation.

This can lead to them being placed in a residential care home to protect them, or because there isn’t an appropriate foster placement available for them - one that can provide the dedicated support and stability required.

The Residential Homes are usually away from the people and places that are important to the young people, adding extra pressures on both them and social work teams supporting them.

Build a Future's ambition is to take these young people out of the Residential Homes and bring them into specialist foster placements - safe, therapeutic environments that will help them develop, with appropriate professional support available when it’s needed 24/7.

Is this about ‘fixing’ the child? 

Not at all. It is about working with the young person in their current situation and building resilience so they can find different ways to cope with their challenges.

The staff and specialist Foster Carers that make up the Build a Future team take a very therapeutic approach to care, considering the 'mind of the child 'and building a wraparound care service that will help them develop and learn.

There is a dedicated Build a Future team, made up of social workers, therapeutic professionals and support workers who are specialists in engaging with young people who are proving hard to reach.

All the Build a Future staff contribute to a 24-hour rota of support for the foster carers working with Build a Future.

How do I become a Build a Future Foster Carer? 

Becoming a Build a Future Foster is a challenging but rewarding experience, it is a step up from traditional foster care - as a result the service is currently looking to recruit people with experience of working with hard to engage young people - for example experienced foster carers, residential workers, teachers, youth workers. 

You can look at the full person specification and what support you will receive here.

To complete an Enquiry form click here. 

All applications will be subject to assessment and approval in line with Fostering regulations. 

For more information about Build a Future please contact -

Jayne Saul on 07855825779 or the Foster a Future office number 0191 277 2430 or email

Build a Future